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GLM VII : Please link your reviews and contributions here

Please add your reviews and contributions here. If you don't have a blog, you can link to your amazon or goodreads reviews. We don't want anyone to feel left out.

German Literature Month VI: Author Index

Bachmann: Malina 1 Benjamin: The Task of the Translator 1 Berlin: Banking on A Wedding 1 Bernhard: Wittgenstein's Nephew 2 Bräunig: Rummelplatz 1 Canetti: The Tongue Set Free 1 Capus: Almost Like Spring 1 De La Motte-Fouqué: Undine 1 de Velasco: Tiger Milk 1 Döblin: The Ballerina and The Body 1 Dürrenmatt: The Inspector Barlach Mysteries 1 Erpenbeck: Katzen Haben Sieben Leben/Schmutzige Nacht 1 Fallada: Alone in Berlin 1 A Small Circus 1 Fitzek: Amok1 Fontane: Beyond The Tweed 1 Effi Briest 1 Shorter Novels 1 2 Funke: Inkheart 1 Georg : Poems 1 Giordano: Auntie Poldi and The Sicilian Lions 1 Glauser: Thumbprint 1 Glavinic: The Camera Kille 1 Gmeyner: Manja 1 Goethe: Italian Journey 1 2 Italian Journey Fictitious Part 4 Gotthelf: The Black Spider 1 Grajsnowa: All Russians Love Birch Trees 1 Grass: From Germany to Germany 1 Grimm Hans Herbert: Schlump1 2 Groner: The Case of the Golden Bullet 1 Hahn: Shorter Days 1 Hermann: Letti Park 1 Hesse: The Glass Bead Game 1 Narcissus and Goldmund 1 Rosshalde 1 Hoffmann: The Sandman 1Hofmann: The Film Explainer 1 Hofmannsthal Electra 1 Der Rosenkavalier 1 Hotschig: Ludwig's Room 1 Jelinek: Greed 1 The Piano Teacher 1 2 Women As Lovers 1 Jung: Bambert's Book of Missing Stories / Dreaming in Black and White 1 Jungk: The Snowflake Constant 1 Kafka: Short Fiction and Short Stories 1 The Metamorphosis 1 Kempowski: All for Nothing 1 Keun: After Midnight 1 Kim: Invasionem des Privaten 1 Klönne: Silent is the Forest 1 Klüssendorf: Das Mädchen 1 Kluge: Dispatches from Moments of Calm 1 Köstering: Goethesturm 1 Krausser: The Great Bagarozy 1 Krechel: Shanghai Fern von Wo 1 Mann Thomas: Doctor Faustus 1 Fiorenza 1 Royal Highness 1 Mörike: Mozart's Journey to Prague 1 Montasser: A Very Special Year 1 Müller: The Appointment 1 Musil: The Confessions of Young Torless 1 Nestroy: Einen Jux will er sich machen (Adapted by Tom Stoppard) 1 Poznanski: Five 3 Preussler: The Little Witch / The Robber Hotzenplotz 1 Reich-Osang: The Scholl Case 1 Roth: The Radetsky March The String of Pearls 1 Schmidt: Bottom's Dream 1 2 Sebald: The Emigrants 1 Vertigo 1 2 Seethaler: The Tobacconist 1 2 3 4 Seghers: Crossing A Love Story The Seventh Cross 1 Transit 1 Stamm: Black Ice Unformed Landscape 1 Stift: The Empress and The Cake 1 3 Suter: The Chef  The Last Weynfeldt 1 Timm: In My Brother's Shadow 1 Ullmann: The Country Road 1 Vanderbeke: The Mussel Feast 1 Wedekind: Lulu Plays Mine-Haha 1 Wolf: Medea 1 They Divided the Sky 1 Zweig: A Game of Chess 1 2 A Summer Novella 1 Amok 1  Buchmendel/The Invisible Collection (Review in German) 1 Confusion 1 Burning Secret 1 Did He Do It? 1 2 The Invisible Collection 1 Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of A Woman 1 2

Alison Layland on Literary Translation 1
Crime Fiction in German (Sample Chapter) 1

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German Literature Month VI - Please link your reviews and contributions here.

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  Please add your reviews and contributions here.  If you don't have a blog, you can link to your amazon or goodreads reviews.  We don't want anyone to feel left out.  

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

German Literature Month V: Author Index

GLM_V.jpg What can 44 bloggers achieve in the course of one month and 10 days with the aid of 100+ authors and 65+ translators?  Impressive, isn't it? Anthologies: Vienna Tales (1) Features: An Anecdote about Jean Paul (1) German Literature on the International Dublin Award Longlist (1), Meet the Translator: Denis Jackson (1 2 3) Meet the Translator: Katy Derbyshire (1), Three Female German Writers (1), Two Winter Treasures from Seagull Books (1) Fiction and Poetry:  Abonji: Fly Away, Pigeon (1), Aichner: Woman of the Dead (1Arjouni: Ein Mann, Ein Mord (1), More Beer (1Benn: Poems (1Bernhard: Old Masters (1), The Loser (1), The Voice Imitator (1Biller: Inside the Head of Bruno Schulz (1Böll: Irish Journal (1), The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (1 2Borchert: The Dandelion (1) Brecht: Mother Courage and Her Children (1 2Broch: The Death of Virgil (1Busch: Neues Wilhelm Busch Album (1Canetti Elias: The Voices of Marrakesh (1),  Canetti Veza:  The Criminal (1), The Tortoises (1Celan: Death Fugue (1de la Motte-Fouque: Undine (1Dorn: Kalte Stille (1Dürrenmatt: Hangman (1), Suspicion (1 2 3), The Assignment (1Enzensberger: New Selected Poems (1Erpenbeck: The End of Days (1 2), The Old Child (1Fallada: A Small Circus (1), Every Man Dies Alone (1), Wolf Among Wolves (1Fontane: The Poggenpuhl Family (1), The Woman taken in Adultery (1Franck: West (1Geiger: We are Doing Fine (1) Glauser: Thumbprint (1Grass: Cat and Mouse (1), My Century (1), The Flounder (1Hebbel: How a Ghastly Story was brought to life by a Common or Garden Butcher's Dog (1Hermann: The Start of Love (1Hesse: Demian (1), Narcissus and Goldmund (1Hilbig: The Sleep of the Righteous (1Hoffmann: The Devil's Elixir (1 2), The Lost Reflection (1Jalowicz Simon: Gone to Ground (1) Jean Paul: Die wunderbare Gesellschaft in der Neujahrsnacht (1Kästner: Emil and The Detectives (1), The Parent Trap (1Kafka: The Verdict and Other Stories (1Kempowski: All for Nothing (1Keun: After Midnight (1), The Artificial Silk Girl (1 2Kleist: Anecdote from the Last Prussian War (1), The Duel (1), The Foundling (1Kling: Collected Poems (1Köhlmeier: Two Gentlemen on the Beach (1Kolmar: Poems (1Kretchel: Landgericht (1Lenz: A Minute's Silence (1Lernet-Holenia: I was Jack Mortimer (1Lichtenstein: Leaving for the Front (1Lothar: The Vienna Melody (1Maier: The Room (1Mann: Buddenbrooks (1), Death in Venice and Other Stories (1), The Magic Mountain (1Meyrink: The Green Face (1Müller: The Passport (1Nenik: The Marvel of Biographical Housekeeping (1Opitz: Der Büchermörder (1Plenzdorf: The New Sorrows of Young W (1Poznanski: Erebos (1 2Preussler: Krabat and the Sorcerer's Mill (1Reh: The Secret of the Water Knight (1), This Brave Balance (1Remarque: A Time to Live and a Time to Die (1 2), The Black Obelisk (1Rilke: Die Weise von Liebe und Tod (1), The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigg (1Roth: Hotel Savoy (1), Letters from Germany (1), Rebellion (1), The Hotel Years (1Sacher-Masoch: The Mother of God (1), Venus in Furs (1Schalansky: The Giraffe's Neck (1Schiller: A-Z (1) Maria Stuart (1), The Robbers (1),Wallenstein (1), Wilhelm Tell (1 2Schlink/Popp: Self's Punishment (1Schmidt: The Egghead Republic (1Schneider: Berlin Now (1), The Wall Jumper (1Schnitzler: Late Fame (1Schulze: Adam and Evelyn (1Schwitter: Eins im Andern (1), Goldfish Memory (1Sebald: On the Natural History of Destruction (1), The Emigrants (1 2), The Rings of Saturn (1 2Seethaler: A Whole Life (1Simon Christoph: Zbinden's Progress (1Spyri: Heidi (1 2) Stamm: All Days Are Night (1Storm: Aquis Submersus (1),  The Dykemaster (1Tawada; Études in the Snow (1Trakl: Our Trakl - Book One (1von der Vogelweide: Poems von Droste-Hulshoff: The Jew's Beech (1von Schirach: The Collini Case (1Wagner: Ice Moon (1Walser: Jacob von Gunten (1), The Robbers (1Weiss: Leavetaking (1Wolf: August (1 2 3), Cassandra (1 2), The Quest for Christa T (1 2), They Divided The Sky (1Zeh: The Method (1Zweig:  Beware of Pity (1), Burning Secret (1),  Chess (1 2), Fear (1), Incident on Lake Geneva (1), Journey into the Past (1), Leporella (1), Letter from an Unknown Woman (1), Mendel The Bibliophile (1), Montaigne (1 2), The Governess (1), The Invisible Collection (1) Non-Fiction:  Engelmann (Editor): Schillers Bitt- und Bettelbriefe (1) Hens: Nicotine (1), Recommended Novellas (1Kiermeier-Debre Schillers Frauen (1Schilleriana (1), Schumann: The Ghetto Swinger (1Unger: Schillers Kritiker (1Weidemann: The Summer Before the Dark (1)

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German Literature Month V: Please link your contributions here.

Please link to your #germanlitmonth contributions here. The first linky is for contributions by author. The second is for contributions by translator when the work read is a translation. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this.

Example links:
In the author linky: The Robbers - Friedrich Schiller (Lizzy's Literary Life)
In the translator index: Alexander Fraser Tytler (The Robbers - Friedrich Schiller)

A) Author Index

B) Translator Index

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German Literature Month IV: Author Index


 GLM IV was simply stunning.  Well done and thank you to all.

Arjouni: Happy Birthday, Turk! 1 Bachmann: The Princess of Kagran 1 Three Paths To The Lake 1 2 Baum: Grand Hotel 1 Becker: Jacob The Liar 1 The Wall and Other Stories 1 2 Bernhard: Concrete 1 Old Masters 1 Three Novellas 1 Wittgenstein's Nephew 1 Böll: The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum 1 The Safety Net 1 Bronsky: Just Call Me Superhero 1 Canetti: Auto da Fé 1 Cantieni: The Encyclopaedia of Good Reasons 1 2 Capus: A Price to Pay 1 Chamisso: Peter Schlemiel 1 Döblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz 1 Dörrie: Das Blaue Kleid 1 Dürrenmatt: The Inspector Barlach Mysteries 1 Erpenbeck: The End of Days 1 Ewers: The Spider 1 Fallada: Alone in Berlin 1 Fauser: Raw Material 1 Fontane: Effi Briest 1 Irretrievable 1 Trials and Tribulations 1 Franck: West 1 Gaponenko: Who is Martha? 1 Glavinic: Night Work 1 Gstrein: Winters in The South 1 Glattauer: Forever Yours 1 2 Goethe: Elective Affinities 1 Haas: Brenner and God 1 Haffner: Blood Brothers 1 Hahn: Shorter Days 1 2 Handke: The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick 1 Hardenberg: Poetry 1 Hermann: Aller Liebe Anfang 1 Herrndorf: Why We Took The Car 1 Hesse: Gertrude 1 Siddhartha 1 Steppenwolf 1 The Hesse/Mann Letters 1 Heym: The Lunatic 1 Hoffmann: Little Zaches, Great Zinnober 1 Mademoiselle de Scuderi 1 The Golden Pot 1 The Sandman 1 2 Hotschnig: Leonardo's Hands 1 Leonardo's Room 1 Maybe This Time 1 Jelinek: Greed 1 Kafka: The Trial 1 Kästner: Going to The Dogs 1 The Parent Trap 1 Kehlmann: F 1 2 Me and Kaminski 1  Keilson: Comedy In A Low Key 1 Life goes on 1 Keun: After Midnight 1 Kleist: The Power of Music 1 Köstering: Goetheruh 1 Krien: Someday We'll Tell Each Other Everything 1 Kumpfmüller: The Glory of Life 1 2 3 Lewitscharoff: Blumenberg 1 Lüscher: Barbarian Spring 1 Mann Heinrich: A Crime 1 Mann Thomas: Buddenbrooks 1 2 Death in Venice 1 Mario amd The Magician 1 The Black Swan 1 The Hesse/Mann Letters 1 Tonio Kröger 1 Müller: The Passport 1 Neuhaus: Big Bad Wolf 1 Nöstlinger: Fly Away Home 1 Peltzer: Part of the Solution 1 Rathmann: Young Light 1 Rilke: In English Translation 1  The Seamstress 1 Roth: Beware of Pity 1 Flight Without End 1 2 3 Rebellion 1 2 The Hundred Days 1 The Legend of the Holy Drinker 1 2 The Radetzky March 1 The Wandering Jews 1 Viennese Short Stories 1 Weights and Measures 1 What I Saw 1 Ruge: In Times of Fading Light 1 2 Sachs: O Chimneys 1 Sebald: The Emigrants 1  Scheffel: Ekkehard - A Tale of the 10th Century 1 Schiller: The Robbers 1 Schlink: Flights of Love 1 2  Homecoming 1 Schnitzler: La Ronde 1 Schulze: Adam and Evelyn 1 Seghers: Transit 1 2 Sendker: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats 1 Setz: Indigo 1 Stamm: Agnes  1 2 All Days are Night 1 Stifter: Indian Summer 1 Rock Crystal 1 Storm: Immensee 1 Journey to A Hallig 1 Suter: The Chef 1 Tellkamp: The Tower 1 2 Tucholsky: Castle Gripsholm 1 Vanderbeke: The Mussel Feast 1 de Velasco: Tiger Milk 1 Vermes: Look Who's Back 1 2 von Sacher-Masoch: Venus in Furs 1 Wagner: Silence 1 The Winter of The Lions 1 Walser: Kleist in Thun 1  The Walk 1 Two Feuilletons 1 Wassermann: My First Wife 1 Wolf: Exchanging Glances 1 The Quest for Christa T 1 Zürn: Victory of The Children 1 Zweig: Amok 1 An Incident at Lake Geneva 1 Burning Secret 1 Fantastic Night 1 Fear 1 2 Forgotten Dreams 1 In The Snow 1 Letter from an Unknown Woman 1 The Governess 1 The Star of The Forest 1 Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of A Woman 1 Twilight 1 ------ Miscellaneous and non-fiction Aust: Baader-Meinhof The Inside Story of the R.A.F. 1 Franzen: The Kraus Project 1 Meet The Translator: Mike Mitchell 1 Schwartz (ed): The Emergence of Memory - Conversations with W G Sebald 1 Timm: In My Brother's Shadow 1 Valzey: Born in the GDR 1 Weidermann: Oostende 1936, Sommer der Freundschaft 1 Wizorek: Weil ein #Aufschrei nicht reicht 1 Ziegler: Forbidden, Ostracised, Banned 1 And finally: The Post Event Party! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 with The Prize-Giving Ceremony (to follow at 8:00 pm tonight). © Lizzy's Literary Life 2014

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GLM IV: Please link your reviews and contributions here

This is the place for all GLM contributers to share what they have written. Of course, if you don't have a blog, simply leave your reviews in a comment below. We don't want anyone to feel left out.