Tuesday 31 October 2023

Welcome to German Literature Month XIII.

Yes, it’s happening, although Mr Linky has been retired from this site.

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Sunday 29 October 2023

German Literature Month XII Author Index


Meet The Translator: Katharina Hall Alta L Price

Prompt-driven prospective and actual reading lists: 1 2 3


Anonymous The Niebelungenlied 1 Becker A Sea In The Radio 1 Bernhard - Yes 1 2 Böll Billiards At Half-Past Nine 1 Bogdan The Peacock 1 Bronsky Broken Glass Park 1 Dürrenmatt The Judge and His Hangman 1 Erpenbeck Kairos 1 Fallada - Lilly and her Slave 1 Faes Twelve Nights 1 Fontane Under The Pear Tree 1 Fricke Daughters 1 Haratischvilli My Soul Twin 1 2 3 Haushofer The Loft 1 Hermann At Home 1 Hoffmann Mademoiselle de Scudéri 1 Ritter Gluck 1 The Golden Pot 1 The Life and Opinions of The Tomcat Murr 1 2 Hofmann Lichtenberg and The Little Flower Girl 1 Hofmannsthal The Lord Chandos Letter and Other Stories 1 Huch The Last Summer 1 Inokai Ein Simpler Eingriff 1 Jelinek Wonderful, Wonderful Times 1 Keun Ferdinand, The Man With The Kind Heart 1 Kutscher Goldstein 1 The March Fallen 1 Lernet-Holenia Baron Bagge 1 Linke Beyond The Blue Border 1 Mahler Ulysses, After Joyce 1 Menasse Dunkelblum 1 Mercier Last Train to Lisbon 1 Noll Head Count 1 Poladjan One Night, Another Place 1 Remarque All Quiet on The Western Front 1 Arc de Triomphe 1 with favourite quotes 1 Sanyal Identitti 1 Seghers A Price on His Head 1 Schirach Punishment 1 2 Stamm Getting Dark 1 2 Susskind The Pigeon 1 Winkler Blue Jewellry 1 Zweig Amok and Other Stories 1


Bonhoeffer Letters and Papers from Prison 1 Fioretos Nelly Sachs - Flight and Metamorphosis 1 Handke A Sorrow Beyond Dreams 1 Hartlaub Clouds Over Paris 1 Hessel Walking in Berlin 1 Kinsky Grove 1 Sebald Santo Campo 1 Strigl I’m Probably Mad, Biography of Marlen Haushofer 1 Zweig Montaigne 1

Rule Breakers

Uhlman - Reunion 1 2

Thursday 27 October 2022

German Literature Month XII

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German Literature Month XI Author Index

If I’m counting correctly, there were 112 contributions to GLM XI.  Well done, team!


Around The World in German Literature 1

Keeping Up With The Magic Mountain of German Literature 1

Meet the blogger, translator and publisher: James J Conway 1

The 2021 #germanlitmonth non-fiction TBR 1


Anthology of 17 short stories 1

Baum Love and Death in Bali 1 Bernhard Concrete Berthold Eagles of The Reich 1 Bogdan The Peacock 1 Böll The Train Was OnTime 1 2 Women in A River Landscape 1 Boschwitz The Passenger 1 2 3 Bronsky Barbara stirbt nicht 1 Dürrenmatt From The Papers of A Prison Guard 1 The Execution of Justice 1 The Quarry (Suspicion) 1 The Visit 1 Edelbauer The Fluid Land 1 Edschmid Levy’s Testament 1 Eichendorff  Memoirs of A Good For Nothing 1 Fallada Nightmare in Berlin 1 Why Do You Wear A Cheap Watch? 1 Fischer Ich hasse Menschen 1 Fitzek Splinter 1 Fricke Daughters 1 Glauser The Spoke 1 Handke The Goalkeeper’s Anxiety at The Penalty Kick 1 The Left-Handed Woman Haushofer We Kill Stella 1 Hesse Demian 1 Hilbig I 1 The Interim 1 Hofmann Luck 1 Holz/Schlaf Papa Hamlet 1 Kafka Investigations of A Dog / Report to the Academy 1 Kehlmann Measuring The World 1 Kempowski All for Nothing 1 Keun After Midnight 1 Child of All Nations 1 2 The Artificial Silk Girl 1 Keyserling On Southern Slopes (Excerpt 1) (Review 1) Kleist Anecdotes 1 Kluge Dispatches from Moments of Calm 1 Koeppen Pigeons on The Grass 1 2 Kutscher Babylon Berlin 1 Lendle All the Land 1 Lernet-Morenia Baron Bagge 1 I Was Jack Mortimer 1 Lucadou The High-Rise Diver 1 Lüscher Barbarian Spring 1 Kraft 1 Marly The Diva 1 Mayröcker Etudes 1 Noll The Pharmacist 1 Olsberg Boy In A White Room 1 Otoo Adas Raum 1 Pötzsch The Hangman’s Daughter 1 Raabe The Stranger Upstairs 1 Ransmayr The Lost World 1 Remarque A Night in Lisbon 1 Roth Confession of A Murderer 1 2 Rothmann To Die In Spring 1 Salzmann Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein 1 Schätzing The Swarm 1 Schalansky An Inventory of Losses 1 Schenkel The Murder Farm 1 Schrott The Desert of Lop 1 Seethaler A Whole Life 1 2 The Tobacconist 1 2 Schirach The Girl Who Wasn’t There 1 2 Schlink The Woman on the Stairs 1 Schmidt It’s Over, Don’t Go There 1 Schneider The Basel Killings 1 Schnitzler Casanova’s Homecoming 1 Storm A Doppelgänger 1 Carsten The Trustee 1 Immensee 1 The Dykemaster 1 Seethaler The Tobacconist 1  Süsskind The Pigeon 1 Suter The Last Weynfeldt 1 Stifter Motley Stones 1 Walser The Assistant 1 2 Wedekind The Seducer 1 The Vaccination 1 Zeh New Year 1 2 3 Zweig Chess Story 1 Fear 1 The Buried Candelabrum 1


Lommbock 1


Krasavice Die Bitch Bibel 1 Lebert My Father’s Keeper 1 Schwarzenbach All The Roads are Open 1 Sebald  Unheimliche Heimat 1 Walser The Assistant 1 Wolf From A Different Perspective 1 One Day A Year 1

Rule Breakers

Volckmer The Appointment 1 Weiss My Berlin Kitchen 1

Saturday 23 October 2021

German Literature Month XI

Here we go. The second decade begins!

Please add your reviews and contributions here. If you don’t have a blog, you can link to your amazon, goodreads or instagram reviews. We don’t want anyone to feel left out.

German Literature Month X Author Index


Brecht: Mother Courage and Galileo Galilei (1)

Exclusive New Translation

Ricarda Huch: Fra Celeste


Author Features: Ebner-Eschenbach (1) Haushofer (1) (2) Lazar (1)

Lizzy’s German Scrapbook: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia

German Romanticism (1)

Meet the Translators: Charlotte Collins, Shelley Frisch

Novellas in November (1)


Annas: The Wall (1) Bachmann: Simultan (1) Bossong: Gramsci’s Fall (1) Brückner: Desdemona, If Only You Had Spoken! (1) De La Motte-Fouqué: Undine (1) Ebner-Eschenbach: Krambambuli (1) Erpenbeck: The End of Days (1) Faes: Twelve Nights (1) Fallada: Why Do You Wear A Cheap Watch? (1) Fricke: Daughters (1) (2) Frisch: Montauk (1) Fritsch: Herzklappen von Johnson & Johnson (1) Fühmann: The Jew Car (1) Gotthelf: The Black Spider (1) Grimm: Three Fairy Tales (1) Gunderöde: Into The Great Beyond (1) Handke: The Goalkeeper’s Anxiety at The Penalty Kick (1) Hofmann: Veilchenfeld (1) Hesse: Steppenwolf (1) Johnson: Two Views (1) (2) Kästner: Going to the Dogs (1) Kessler: The Ghosts of Demmin (1) Kehlmann: You Should Have Left (1) Helfer: Die Bagage (1) Huch: The Last Summer (1) Kettenbach: Black Ice (1) Keyserling: Waves (1) Koeppen: A Sad Affair (1) La Roche: The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim (1) (2) Lazar: The Poisoning (1) Lernet-Holenia: Count Luna (1) Lenz: Stella (1) The Turncoat (1) (2) Mann Heinrich: The Loyal Subject (1) Mann Thomas: Death in Venice (1) Young Joseph (1) Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front (1) Roth: Hotel Savoy (1) The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1) Sacher-Masoch: Bloody Wedding in Kyiv (1) Schmidt: Bottom’s Dream (1) Schnitzler: Late Fame (1) Sebald: The Emigrants (1) Storm: Grieshuus (1) Süskind: The Pigeon (1) Tawada: Accent Free (1) Timm: In My Brother’s Shadow (1) Walser: Heibling’s Story (1) Winkler: When The Times Comes (1) Wolf: Summer Play (1) The Quest for Christa T (1) Zweig: Chess (1) Forgotten Dreams (1) In the Snow (1)


Deutschkron: Outcast - A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin (1) Gleichauf: Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch (1) Goldenberg: I Belong to Vienna (1) Kluge: Air Raid (1) Nenik: Journey Through A Tragi-Comic Century (1) Oppenheim: Memoirs of a German-Jewish Painter (1) Ritter: A Woman In The Polar Night (1) Seelig: Walks with Walser (1) Zweig: Montaigne (1)


Favourite German Poems (1) Grünbein: Porcelain (1)

Rule Breakers (Not originally written in German)

Fletcher: How To Be German (1) Marks: Joseph Roth: A Search for the Wandering Jew (1) Uhlman: Reunion (1)

TV and Film

The Weissensee Saga (1)

Friday 25 September 2020

German Literature Month X


Please add your reviews and contributions here. If you don’t have a blog, you can link to your amazon and goodreads reviews. We don’t want anyone to feel left out.